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A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Good quality images sent with a news release can increase your chances of getting your news story published. If given a choice, I'd rather have an image with a caption published than a lengthy article. Why? Because an image truly is worth a thousand words. An image is memorable, attention-grabbing, and tells the story best.

With this in mind, every small business or entrepreneur should strive to maintain an image library that can be used for inclusion with news releases, social media posts, website content, and for requests from media.

Some quick tips:

1. Set-up a folder just for media images that include profile photos of yourself, your product, your storefront & interior, and if you're a service business -- perhaps shots of client projects.

2. Images should be 300 DPI: Dots Per Inch. Most cameras and cell phones provide the option to save as high resolution images. Do this. It is much easier to edit an image to be smaller for use on the web than to increase the size needed for use in print or broadcast.

3. Remember! If editing an image, do a "save as" and rename it so that you keep the original intact at high resolution!

Here is an example of a compelling photo of a glass artist in her studio. This image was published in the Astoria Sunday Market Guide and used on social media promoting the Market.


Image Credit: Cindy Erickson, glass maker and teacher. One Big Tree Design

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