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Updated: Jan 21, 2021

June Stoyer, host of the Organic View radio show, was quoted as saying, “In a world full of roses, stand out like a dandelion in the middle of a green, plush lawn!”

Be fearless to be yourself, even when your competitors seem to be stampeding toward the latest new hot thing in social media, advertising or product creation. Too often, entrepreneurs small businesses and non-profits look toward the giants for inspiration and direction for how to grow, brand, or promote themselves. But small businesses and non-profits serve unique populations and often have smaller budgets to work with. As a result, they are forced to get creative in how their money is spent.

Bucking the trends can be the pathway to success. For example, in an era of COVID where service industries are hit especially hard, the trend is moving business practices online. Remote work, sales, and even conferences and festivals are using new technology to create a COVID safe online experience. But there is a case for bucking this trend and finding COVID safe ways to provide in-person experiences. Many industries have had to redefine how they do business.

Restaurants, hair salons, and other personal services have been forced to explore ways to survive in a pandemic world. Many have closed while others are carving out a profit through sheer will and diligence.

With all of this in mind, one might think that now is the worst time to open a restaurant or personal service business. But those who choose to buck the pandemic trend by doing just the opposite may have a bright future ahead. For starters, opening a restaurant now means the owner already knows the hardships it is facing and therefore can design their restaurant around those challenges. The longer the pandemic lingers the more set people will become in new ways of shopping, eating, and living.

Inc. Magazine concurs. They interviewed Stanford Business School professor William P. Barnett who argues that entrepreneurs who forge ahead with business plans that go against economic wisdom, “are much more likely to survive as a result.” Why? There is less competition so more opportunity to be in the spotlight. Plus, going against common wisdom means more scrutiny, which forces better and more creative planning. As a result, Barnett believes those that overcome the hurdles are more likely to survive in the long term.

Consider your own business or dreams to open a business. If it seems economically impractical to do so due to outside forces, now may be the exact moment to kick start that new idea, business, or non-profit. Be fearless. Be the dandelion.


Link to Inc. Magazine article written by Eilene Zimmerman can be found HERE.

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