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Creating a new revenue "stream"

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Streaming live on Facebook is offering some musicians an opportunity to earn revenue through “digital tips” or online sales of their CD’s and digital downloads using PayPal or another similar service.

You don’t have to be a musician to participate in this new revenue stream. Consider your product and the different ways you can incorporate live streaming into your pandemic sales plan. In-house gallery tours, product demos tied to sale specials, virtual auctions as a fundraiser, teaching a specific skill or sharing behind-the-scenes operations are just a few ideas. While not all of these lend themselves to direct sales, they can all point people towards an online storefront for those who have one.

Facebook makes it easy and the equipment needed to begin is minimal: Smart phone with video capability; tripod; and an enhanced quality microphone can get you started. Microphones vary in size and costs with some good quality options available at affordable prices ($20 - $30) to get you started. Here is a review of microphones from high to low pricing from Mic Reviews.

Facebook offers an easy-to-follow tutorial (here), to live-stream. Begin simple but with a plan. Practice with some test streams to a private FB group to see how it operates and works. Ask people to join the private group whose opinions you value so you can get feedback about your tests.

Things to think about: 1) Staging – is it your home? Your shop? Your studio? Outside? Think about how the streaming will be framed for viewers; 2) Lighting – check for brightness, shadows, and whether the light source casts an unwanted hue; 3) Sound check – can you be heard clearly with just the phone mic? If not, consider purchasing a mic just for this purpose and 4) Internet connection. The better the connection the higher the quality.

Lastly, don’t fear failure. The first few streams may not be perfect, but shopper fans and friends are forgiving, and you will learn something new each time it’s done. So go ahead, learn a new skill and see where it takes you!


Photo credit: Streaming staging for musician and songwriter Leanne Trevalyan, Tacoma, WA

Photo credit: Drummer ID 179416329 © Volodymyr Melnyk |

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