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Web Development //

Experiencing web fatigue? You just can't muster the personal resources to start, re-design or even just update your website?  Fearful that having someone else do this for you will cost thousands? Fear no more!

Mudge Media offers web development services using one of the many popular web building platforms available.  Whether you want a complete overhaul or just need monthly updates, Mudge Media can fit easily into your budget and even coach you to eventually do your own changes.  The hourly rate is $35 or you can choose a package at a flat rate.  A standard website build is $300 - $500.

Writing //

My writing is extraordinarily utilitarian, which means you won't experience any unpleasant surprises.


What you will experience is clean, thoughtful and well-researched content.  You'll be in awe at the lack of clever over-used phrases, clichés, and misplaced commas.

In fact, my writing is so incredibly ordinary you'll simply delight in every turn of phrase.  

So how can you best utilize my services?

Consider me for:

  • Maintaining your social media sites

  • Writing press releases, corporate profiles or annual reports

  • Providing content for your online or printed magazines

  • Creating marketing materials that sing your praises without warbling off-key

Publishing //

Mudge is a Jacque of all Trades!  From selling print ads to writing, editing and directing design and production elements, Mudge has broad experience in printed publications that can translate beautifully to digital works.


My publishing work includes producing theatre playbills, promotional magazines, and industry-specific newsletters.   Publishing work includes Destination: The Pacific magazine for the Lewis & Clark Bicentennial, Astoria Market Guide (an annual publication), numerous playbills for theatre companies, and past editor of TYA Today (Theatre for Young Audiences) as well as other industry and association publications.

Bookbaby for Authors!
CD Baby has been a catalyst for indie musicians and singers to sell their own works and now offers similar services for authors.  Mudge Media is now a partner. Follow the link to learn more!

Writing Samples //

ASM Market Guide -- Editor, writer (2019)

Coast Style, "It's All About the Art" --  Writer (2005)

Pelican Post, "Where The Wild Things Are" -- Writer (2006)

Coast Food, "After the Catch" -- Writer (2010)


Hourly:  $35 per hour

This is a great option for specific tasks: Writing press releases, professional bios, corporate profiles, etc.

Flat Fee:  A specific detailed estimate is provided based on your needs and typically paid in three installments.

This is a great option for annual reports, monthly web or blog submissions, newsletters, website builds or publishing projects.


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