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Mudge Media offers full production services to handling specific elements including:

  • Vendor recruitment

  • Attendee registrations

  • Volunteer coordination

  • Marketing

  • Event consultation

Mudge has produced large scale community events of 10,000+ to more personal corporate gatherings of less than 100.  She has produced festivals, trade shows, industry conferences, and cultural programs in Seattle, Washington, and Clatsop County, Oregon.

A sampling of events managed by Mudge include:

  • Astoria Sunday Market (2008 to present)

  • Seaside Artisan Fair (formerly the Seaside Holiday Gift Fair, 2013 - 2019)

  • Astoria Bicentennial Heritage Fair

  • Haunted Astoria Short Story Writing Contest and Writer Showcase

  • Destination: The Pacific -- a national signature event for the Lewis & Clark commemoration

  •      (Clatsop County, OR, & Pacific County, WA)

  • Pike Place Market Street Festival (Seattle, WA)

  • A Celebration of Transitions (Seattle, WA, a fair for people with disabilities)

  • Teen Workforce (Seattle, WA, an employment and skill-building fair for teens)

  • Q13 Kids Fun Fair (15,000 attendees in the former Kingdome in Seattle)

  • Washington Organization of Hospitals annual conference (coordinator)

  • Biotechnology trade show (exhibitor sales)


There are three options to consider.

Hourly:  $35 per hour

Hourly is great for consultations or facilitating event planning sessions.

Flat Fee:  Based on your needs, a detailed estimate is provided and is typically payable in three installments.

Flat fees are best for larger-projects that require both planning and execution of either the entire event or a piece of the event.

Commission:  10 - 20%

Commission fees vary based on whether we are renewing sales from an established list, bringing in new sales, or utilizing commissions as a bonus.  Commissions work well for ad sales of printed/digital publications, vendor recruitment or admission fees (usually done in conjunction with a lower flat-fee for management).

There are a variety of ways to work within any budget as we mix and match elements.

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