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Overwhelmed?  // Let a Virtual Assistant Shorten that "TO DO" list!

Small businesses or busy departments sometimes just need some temporary assistance for special projects or even long-term help with ongoing needs without the burden of hiring additional staff.


Contracting with a Virtual Assistant is one way to get the help you need at a price that fits your budget.

Not sure where to begin?  Here is just a sampling of how a Virtual Assistant can lighten the load:

  • Data entry

  • Web updates

  • Social Media and blog posts

  • Phone calls for research, feedback, or initial follow-ups

  • Responding to emails or social media inquiries

  • Scheduling meetings

  • Facilitating workshops, training sessions, staff/board retreats

  • Event management for fundraisers, galas, open houses

  • Writing press releases, fact sheets, public service announcements and other PR tools

Mudge Media can provide personalized services.  We're just an email or phone call away!

Phone or text:  360-269-1039



Hourly:  $15 - 35 per hour

This is a great option for specific tasks: Writing press releases, research, data entry, phone calls, or meeting facilitation.  Hourly rate is dependent on skill level needed.  

By the Minute: $.60 a minute

(15-minute minimum)

Some tasks just need a few minutes to complete, so we offer services in smaller increments. Getting that meeting memo written and sent, data entry, or a short list of phone calls.

Flat Fee:  A specific detailed estimate is provided based on your needs and typically paid in three installments.

This is a great option for annual reports, monthly web or blog submissions, website builds or publishing projects, event management, or meeting facilitation.


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