FACILITATOR // Mudge Media

Facilitator, Workshop Leader, Planner

Consider Mudge Media for your:

Long-range planning 

Meeting facilitation

Workshop coordination

Special projects planning

Mudge has four decades experience working for non-profits and boards and understands their unique challenges.  


There are two options to consider.

Hourly:  $35 per hour

Hourly is great for consultations or facilitating brain-storming sessions, meetings with pre-defined agendas, or a specific element of a larger project.

Flat Fee:  Based on your needs, a detailed estimate is provided and is typically payable in three installments.

Flat fees are best for leading planning sessions or facilitating strategic, marketing or fundraising plans.  Flat fees ensure the work is completed without worrying about final costs.  


My passion is to empower small businesses and artists to succeed, to be part of the positive changes that make a community thrive, and to help others develop mindful, creative and effective business tools.

Tel: 360-269-1039

Mail: MudgeMedia@gmail.com

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