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Every Journey Begins with the First Step

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

My dad used to say, “The hardest part of any journey are the first two feet out of bed.” The older I get, the more truth there is to this statement.

My blog has been neglected the past few weeks as I was finishing a journey of my own that was literally decades in the making:The completion of my bachelor’s degree in marketing.

This particular journey began in 1978. Work, marriage, divorce and an assortment of other obstacles created a lengthy detour toward my goal. Along this journey I carried a silent burden of shame for not completing my degree. All my years of experience, successes and accomplishments never quieted an inner voice that kept reminding me about this failure. At 57 I made a vow that I would complete my degree by the time I turned 60. So, here we are. The last two hard years now in the rear-view mirror. That inner voice now put to rest.

What lies Ahead? Besides paying off a student loan. Using all my great new knowledge and freshly minted inspiration to help others finish their own journeys, whether it be opening a business, revitalizing a marketing campaign, or guiding a board toward sustainability. Perhaps you even have an unfulfilled dream of your own that you need help with.

Art by Israel-born Canadian artist Osnat Tzadok. This piece has been my Facebook Cover throughout my final trimester as it so aptly represented the path toward success. Her work can be found at

Two feet art provided by Konstantini with

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